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Marian Maguire at the British Museum


One of Marian Maguire's prints, from the series Titikowaru's Dilemma, is currently on display as part of the British Museum's much-praised exhibition Troy: myth and reality (21st November 2019-8th March 2020).  Like the prints in The Labours of Herakles series, Titokowaru and Te Whiti discuss the question, ‘What is Peace?’ (lithograph, 2010/11) combines a New...

Marian Maguire at the Cambridge Museum of Classical Archaeology: last chance to see!


It doesn't seem like four years since the touring exhibition The Labours of Herakles visited Cambridge, but now the Cambridge Museum of Classical Archaeology has been hosting Marian Maguire's most recent Greek-art-inspired series Goddesses.  There are just two weeks left if you want to catch the exhibition (ends 13th December 2019)!  Photo courtesy of Susanne...

The Fire of Olympus - film premiere review


Saturday 16th November saw the world premiere of the film The Fire of Olympus. Held in the splendid surrounds of Leeds University's Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall, the screening was preceded by a Q&A session chaired by Prof. Derek Scott (Leeds School of Music), with contributions from composer Tim Benjamin, Music Director Ellie Slorach, tenor Michael...

The Fire of Olympus - announcing the film world premiere


November 16th, 2019 | Time: 19:30 — 21:30 Clothworkers Concert Hall, School of Music, Cavendish Road, Leeds University The Fire Of Olympus or, On Sticking It To The Man is a radical re-imagining of Greek mythology. An opera presented in film, it tells the legends of Prometheus and Pandora, and the theft of the secret of Fire from Zeus, the all-powerful President of...

The Fire of Olympus - performance review


Tim Benjamin's brilliant new opera was premiered by Radius Opera at Burnley Mechanics on Saturday 14th September. Like Tim’s 2017 work, the oratorio Herakles, this was inspired by classical mythology, but this time offering a twenty-first-century take on the story of Prometheus and Pandora. The set was minimalist but effective in establishing the stark, authoritarian world...

Volume Progress


Volume 1, Inside and Outside the Church: the Christian Herakles from the end of antiquity to the Quattrocento, is in production, and should be appearing early in the New Year. A complete manuscript of Volume 2, The Exemplary Hercules from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment and Beyond, is on its way for review by Brill's...

The Fire of Olympus Preview


In 2017 the Hercules Project worked with composer Tim Benjamin on the oratorio Herakles. We're now pleased to be associated with Tim's latest opera, The Fire of Olympus, a twenty-first-century take on the story of Prometheus and Pandora from Radius Opera. A preview took place on Sunday at the 15th Congress of the Fédération internationale...

Herakles' story continues: Fire from Olympus


Composer Tim Benjamin's new opera Fire From Olympus turns from the mythological figure of Herakles to that of Prometheus. While the story of Prometheus' theft of fire from the gods and his punishment is well-known, his rescue from that punishment by Herakles (right) is less so. Emma Stafford has just completed a summary of the Prometheus...

Hercules' Twelve Labours Today - 30th March 2019


On Saturday 30th March 2019 The Hercules Project brings Hercules' Twelve Labours Today to the University of Leeds' open research event, the Be Curious festival, which in 2019 adopts the theme 'Brave New World'. In ancient myth, Hercules made people safe from monsters. Recently he has been re-imaged as a coloniser (by Marian Maguire) and...

Hercules in New Zealand in Greenwich


Further to our previous news item, we're very pleased to report that the beautiful Queen's House of the Royal Museums at Greenwich is now displaying seven of Marian Maguire's The Labours of Herakles series. This photographs, kindly shared with us by the Museums' staff, show the prints in situ. All the prints in the series are available...