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Musical Drama

Herakles is a new musical drama composed by Tim Benjamin, based on Dio Chrysostom's "The Choice of Hercules". A film of the world premiere was shown on 8th July 2017 in Leeds and is available on DVD.

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Poster for the World Premiere of Herakles with twin peaked mountain and ruins

Hercules Project at Be Curious

In ancient myth, Hercules made people safe from monsters; he has been re-imaged as a coloniser and a political leader. On 30th March 2019 he was drawn improving Today's world.

Hercules' 12 Labours Today

The first Hercules Project volume cover

Vol. 1 Herakles Inside and Outside the Church: from the first Apologists to the Quattrocento: was published in February 2020.

Volume contents and abstracts

About the Hercules Project

The Hercules Project aims to chart and account for the significance in western culture of the classical hero Hercules, from late antiquity via the Renaissance to the present day.

Building on the success of the 2013 Hercules: a Hero for All Ages conference, Stage 2 of Emma Stafford‘s Hercules project was supported by an AHRC Networking (2016-2018). This facilitated the development of a series of four publications on various aspects of the post-classical reception of Herakles-Hercules, via meetings between the editorial teams and a further conference, Celebrating Hercules in the Modern World, held at Leeds 7-9 June 2017. Three volumes of papers from these conferences (with further invited contributions) were published between February and November 2020; a fourth is in preparation for publication in 2021.

The international network of scholars established by the two conferences is continually being consolidated and added to via the JISC mailing list Hercules: a hero for all ages: anyone interested in post-classical receptions of Herakles-Hercules is welcome to join!

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