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Conference 2017

Celebrating Hercules in the Modern World

7th-9th July 2017

The second  stage of the Hercules Project also included an international conference 7th-9th July 2017, which brought classical reception specialists together with scholars from the fields of modern European art history and film, in order to scope the extent of Hercules' significance as a cultural figure in the modern period and continue to provoke interdisciplinary discussion of methodological approaches.

Tim Benjamin (composer) being introduced by Emma Stafford (Hercules Project Leader) before Herakles' world premiere screening.

The conference programme combined talks by academics with the showing of a film of the newly commissioned musical drama Herakles, with an introductory talk by the composer, Tim Benjamin. Resources linked with the production are available through this website from the Herakles page.

We are grateful to the Arts and Humanities Research Board, the Classical Association, the Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies and the Institute of Classical Studies for bursaries to support attendance by overseas speakers, post-graduate students and recent graduates and the screening of Herakles.








We are also grateful to the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Institute for Classical Studies for support in other aspects of the conference, support for international scholars and the film, and the film screening, respectively.