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The Fire of Olympus Preview


The Fire of Olympus preview. Musicians (left), singers (centre), Tim Benjamin (right), with the screen for the digital Chorus.

Promotional Image for The Fire of OlympusIn 2017 the Hercules Project worked with composer Tim Benjamin on the oratorio Herakles. We're now pleased to be associated with Tim's latest opera, The Fire of Olympus, a twenty-first-century take on the story of Prometheus and Pandora from Radius Opera.

A preview took place on Sunday at the 15th Congress of the Fédération internationale des associations d'études classiques and the Classical Association annual conference 2019, where Tim Benjamin presented the work without staging but complete with the surround-sound digital 'Chorus of Thousand(s)' made up of recordings from workshops with choirs and choral societies across the  North and Midlands of England to represent 'The People' (or Vox Populi).

Radius Opera has released a short video which features the chorus and explains the inspiration behind and process of its creation.