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Publications progress


We're very pleased to report the following progress on our four volumes:

Vol. 1 Herakles Inside and Outside the Church: from the first Apologists to the Quattrocento: first proofs have now been corrected, so we should be on target for publication in March 2020.

Vol. 2 The Exemplary Hercules from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment and beyond: readers' reports on the draft MS are expected any day now.  When the editors have had a chance to go through this feedback, we'll be in touch with contributors about making any changes which might have been requested and finalising the MS for submission in the New Year.

Vol. 3 The Modern Hercules: a draft MS has now been submitted.  This includes a spectacular 31 chapters, so is divided into two sections: Part 1: The hero in literature, art and politics  and Part 2: from image to screen

Vol. 4 Hercules Performed: we're working on this!  Details to follow once we've finished consulting contributors.

Up-to-date lists of contents, with links to abstracts for each chapter appear on this website, available through the links above.