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Hercules' Twelve Labours Today - 30th March 2019


On Saturday 30th March 2019 The Hercules Project brings Hercules' Twelve Labours Today to the University of Leeds' open research event, the Be Curious festival, which in 2019 adopts the theme 'Brave New World'.

In ancient myth, Hercules made people safe from monsters. Recently he has been re-imaged as a coloniser (by Marian Maguire) and a political leader (by Russian and Irish artists). Today you get to decide how Hercules would improve the world by drawing a new Labour on a postcard, which will be combined into a poster.

To support artistic choices there will be a number of images on display and available as research resources (both in print and online, e.g. the Hercules Project Pinterest pages). These images will include ancient depictions, Disney's interpretation of the labours, the series by Marian Maguire, the art honouring Vladimir Putin's 62nd birthday in 2014 and political and other cartoons. All images which will be on display (where copyright permits) are available to preview.

Postcards of new Labours, which may relate to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, will be displayed on this website.

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