Rodosthenous Abstract

Directing The Wife of Heracles (2010) for a contemporary audience: Footballers, Hairdressers and Sourcing the Poison

George Rodosthenous

This chapter will explore Rodosthenous’ 2010 adaptation of Women of Trachis called The Wife of Heracles which was performed at stage@leeds, University of Leeds.

Heracles was reimagined as an international footballer superstar while Dianeira was re-envisioned as a hairdressing salon owner. The production took direct inspiration from the 2010 footballer sex scandals which were then contextualised and presented on stage as part of the updated action. Crimp’s Cruel and Tender also shaped some of the language and style of the adaptation.

The author will discuss his directorial and adaptation techniques to explore the use of musicalisation, symmetries and verbatim material to create a modern world for a contemporary audience.

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