Nogueira Abstract

Hercules in 21st -century Music

Adriana Nogueira

Based on the assumption that Heracles, as all the Greek gods and heroes, is part of mythic material, that, as C. Kerényi said, is “not unamenable to further reshaping” and is “capable of transformation”, this paper will deal with the context of the use of the name Hercules in the music scene from the last half of the 20th century to the present day.

The chapter will examine lyrics and the video clips (where available) by musicians from different languages (English and Portuguese) to understand how Hercules has been used by these artists: what they picked from the hero and what they left behind. Examples focused on are Hercules & Love Affair, the rap group ‘Traffik & DJ Pro Style’ and the Brazilian rapper C4bal. The discussion will attempt to determine whether Hercules is only the myth or whether there is a more specific classical reference and reflect on why Hercules and not other heroes is referred to by considering the different meanings and referents of Hercules.

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