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First volume published - and promotion for our PI!


The first of our four volumes is out!  The official publication date was 6th February, several weeks earlier than expected, but our own hard copy has just reached Leeds now.  This coincides with news of Hercules Project Coordinator Emma Stafford's promotion at the University of Leeds to a Chair of Greek Culture.  The Project played a part in this promotion, so many thanks to all those who have contributed to its success.

Progress on the volumes as of mid-March 2020:

Vol. Herakles Inside and Outside the Church: from the first Apologists to the Quattrocento: published.  Details both on our own website and Brill's.

Vol. 2 The Exemplary Hercules from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment and beyond: the final MS was submitted in February.  We look forward to receiving proofs in due course.

Vol. 3 The Modern Hercules: a reader's report is expected imminently.  This includes around 30 chapters, so is divided into two sections: Part 1: The hero in literature, art and politics  and Part 2: from image to screen.

Vol. 4 Hercules Performed: we’re currently working with contributors on individual papers, aiming to submit a complete draft to Brill by the end of May.

Up-to-date lists of contents, with links to abstracts for each chapter appear on this website, available through the links above.