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Finding Hercules/Herakles interested parties...


There is a JISCMail list Hercules: a hero for all ages, which has been active since the 2013 conference and which any interested party is welcome to join. The intention is to share Hercules/Herakles related events or research and to be able to find potential collaborators or an interested audience.

Hercules Unbound, DC Comics, 1975, set post-WWIII with a beardless Hercules and his teen friends fighting Ares and his minions.

Less traditionally, we now have a Facebook Group (Hercules2017) for sharing finds and networking  and an Event and the conference, where you can record your attendance, if you wish.

We will also be using a Twitter Account (@Hercules_Leeds) to promote activities undertaken by the Hercules Project.

Or email the Hercules Project on