Herakles Inside and Outside the Church

Editors: Arlene Allan, Eva Anagnostou-Laoutides and Emma Stafford

Overview of contents (provisional)

Emma Stafford, Series preface

Arlene Allan and Eva Anagnostou-Laoutides, Introduction

i. Making Connections: The Early Years

Arlene Allan, Herakles, ‘Christ-curious’ Greeks and Revelation 5

Eva Anagnostou-Laoutides, The Tides of Virtue …and Vice: Herakles among the Christians

ii. Appropriation: Verbal

Alexandra Eppinger, Herakles: exemplum virtutis for Christian emperors

Efstathia M. Athanasopoulou, At the root of a universal proverb: ‘Herakles’ lion skin doesn’t make you brave’

Brian Sower, Herculean Centos: Myth, Polemics, and the Crucified Hero in Late Antiquity

Andrew Mellas, Herakleios or Herakles? Panegyric and pathopoeia in George of Pisidia’s Heraklias

Giampiero Scafoglio, Dante’s Hercules

iii. Appropriation: Visual

Lenia Kouneni, Hercules in Late Medieval Italy: images of a pagan hero in ecclesiastical settings

Tom Sienkewicz, Herculean Transformations in Florence

Giuseppe Capriotti, Ovid’s Hercules in 1497: a Greek hero in the Metamorphoses translation by Giovanni de’ Bonsignori and in his woodcuts

iv. Beyond the Church

Cary MacMahon, Wearing the hero on your sleeve: piecing together the materials of the Heraklean myth in late Roman Egypt